Last updated: 04 Apr 2024
1.2.0 — Released on: 13 Jan 2022

Parsl is a flexible and scalable parallel programming library for Python. Parsl augments Python with simple constructs for encoding parallelism. Developers annotate Python functions to specify opportunities for concurrent execution. These annotated functions, called apps, may represent pure Python functions or calls to external applications. Parsl further allows invocations of these apps, called tasks, to be connected by shared input/output data (e.g., Python objects or files) via which Parsl constructs a dynamic dependency graph of tasks to manage concurrent task execution where possible.

Execution Environment

  • User Interfaces

  • Python API
  • Resource Managers

  • Slurm
  • LSF
  • PBS
  • Cobalt
  • Flux
  • GridEngine
  • HTCondor
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Transfer Protocols

  • Globus
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • rsync


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