The Workflows Community Initiative (WCI) is a community-centered effort for gathering and promoting long-standing and recent community-focused efforts

Our Board of Directors


Rafael Ferreira da Silva Executive Director
Rafael Ferreira da Silva Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Kyle Chard Deputy Executive Director
Kyle Chard University of Chicago
Rosa M. Badia Director of Systems and Applications Performance
Rosa M. Badia Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Henri Casanova Director of Education
Henri Casanova University of Hawaii
Michael R. Crusoe Director of APIs and Standards
Michael R. Crusoe
Björn Enders Director of Facilities Operations
Björn Enders National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Carole Goble Director of FAIR Computational Workflows
Carole Goble University of Manchester
Lavanya Ramakrishnan Director of Training and User Engagement
Lavanya Ramakrishnan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Douglas Thain Director of Distributed Computing Systems
Douglas Thain University of Notre Dame

Our Board of Advisors

Steering Committee

Daniel S. Katz Chair
Daniel S. Katz University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David Abramson Member
David Abramson University of Queensland, Australia
İlkay Altintaş Member
İlkay Altintaş University of California San Diego
Ewa Deelman Member
Ewa Deelman University of Southern California
Frank Di Natale Member
Frank Di Natale Nvidia
Paolo Di Tommaso Member
Paolo Di Tommaso Seqera Labs
Christopher Erdmann Member
Christopher Erdmann American Geophysical Union
Thomas Fahringer Member
Thomas Fahringer University of Innsbruck
Rosa Filgueira Member
Rosa Filgueira University of St Andrews
Andrew Gallo Member
Andrew Gallo GE Research
Tom Gibbs Member
Tom Gibbs Nvidia
Björn Grüning Member
Björn Grüning University of Freiburg
Shantenu Jha Member
Shantenu Jha Brookhaven National Laboratory
Johannes Köster Member
Johannes Köster University of Duisburg-Essen
Ulf Leser Member
Ulf Leser Humboldt University of Berlin
Marta Mattoso Member
Marta Mattoso Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
J. Luc Peterson Member
J. Luc Peterson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Frédéric Suter Member
Frédéric Suter Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Matthew Wolf Member
Matthew Wolf Samsung Electronics
Justin M. Wozniak Member
Justin M. Wozniak Argonne National Laboratory

Our Technical Experts

Technical Leads

Stian Soiland-Reyes Technical and Community Advisor
Stian Soiland-Reyes University of Manchester
Sean R. Wilkinson FAIR Computational Workflows
Sean R. Wilkinson Oak Ridge National Laboratory