Easy task-based parallelization and efficient execution in distributed infrastructures. Last updated: 17 Jan 2023

3.1 Margarita
Released on: 10 Nov 2022

COMP Superscalar (COMPSs) is a task-based programming model which aims to ease the development of applications for distributed infrastructures, such as large High-Performance Clusters (HPC), Clouds and Container managed clusters. PyCOMPSs is the Python binding of COMPSs.
COMPSs provides a programming interface for the development of the applications in Python/Java/C/C++, a runtime system that exploits the inherent parallelism of applications at execution time, and a rich ecosystem for the operation monitoring, performance evaluation and integration with Jupyter/Jupyterlab.

Project Information

Execution Environment

User Interfaces

  • Local
  • High Performance Cluster (HPC)
  • Clouds
  • Docker
  • Mesos

Supported Resource Managers

  • PBS
  • LSF
  • SGE
  • TCS

Supported Transfer Protocols

  • NIO
  • SCP