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How to Post a Job Opening

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The Workflows Community Initiative (WCI) provides a common place for posting jobs related to workflows research and development. Note that WCI does not conduct job interviews or provide references to candidates. The goal of the jobs posting is to solely promote workflow-related job opennings to the workflows community.

Adding a Job Posting

At the WCI website, job opennings are described using a Markdown file. The preferred way to submit your changes is via creating a pull request with the changes. To this end, these are the recommended steps for adding a job posting:

  1. Fork the WCI GitHub repository
  2. Clone your forked repository:
    git clone<your_username>/
  3. Create a Markdown file under the _jobs/ directory (e.g.,, and add the information regarding the job posting (see below how to structure your .md file).
  4. Commit the changes, and create a pull request for the WCI GitHub repository.
  5. The WCI team will then evaluate your pull request, and merge the changes if the job posting information is properly documented.

Note: If you need to update the job posting, we recommend you to follow the same steps listed above, except instead of creating a new file you would edit your own file(s).

Creating your Markdown File

In the WCI website, each job posting is described in a separate Markdown file. Although we do not enforce a strict convention for the file name, we strongly encourage you to choose a unique and informative file name, such as If two positions have the file name, the newest one will be renamed to avoid conflicts.

The following example shows the structure of the Markdown file and summarizes the keywords that should be provided:

layout: jobs # do not change this line
title: "Position Title"
organization: "Institution/Organization Name"
organization_logo: "URL to institution logo"
location: "Job Location" # e.g., "Los Angeles, CA, USA" or "Full Remote", etc.
application_deadline: "Application deadline date" # format: YYYY-MM-DD
apply_link: "URL to job application"
employment_type: "Type of employment" # e.g., Full-time, Part-time, Internship, etc.
Job description using Markdown syntax.         

WCI uses GitHub actions to build the job opening pages, which are currently processed at every 12 hours.