Contribute: Events

Register a conference, workshop, meeting, etc. relevant to the workflows community

How to Publicize an Event

All Events

The Workflows Community Initiative (WCI) provides a curated list of workflow-related community events suitable for workflow researchers, developers, and users. We invite all members of the workflows community to publicize their events through this list.

Adding a Workflow-Related Event

To add an event, you only need to add the framework information into an YAML file hosted as part of the WCI GitHub repository. The preferred way to submit your changes is via creating a pull request with the changes. To this end, these are the recommended steps for adding an event:

  1. Fork the WCI GitHub repository
  2. Clone your forked repository:
    git clone<your_username>/
  3. Edit the _data/events.yml file, and add the information regarding the event:
    - name: "Event Name"
      short_name: "Event Series or Acronym" # optional
      location: "Event Location" # format: "City, Country" or "Virtual"
      start_date: <event_start_date> # format: YYYY-MM-DD
      end_date: <event_end_date> # format: YYYY-MM-DD
      url: <event_url>
      type: <event_type> # options: Conference, Workshop, Summit, Forum, Meeting, Other
      deadlines: # optional: provide up to 3 deadlines
        - name: "Deadline Title 1"
          date: <deadline_date_1> # format: YYYY-MM-DD
        - name: "Deadline Title 2"
          date: <deadline_date_2> # format: YYYY-MM-DD
        - name: "Deadline Title 3"
          date: <deadline_date_3> # format: YYYY-MM-DD
  4. Commit the changes, and create a pull request for the WCI GitHub repository.
  5. The WCI team will then evaluate your pull request, and merge the changes if the event is considered relevant to the community.