SC23 BoF

Modern Workflows for Continuum and Cross-Facility Computing

SC23 BoF

Tuesday - Nov 14, 2023
12:15pm-1:15pm MT
Room 503-504

Science discovery relies increasingly on workflows to coordinate large and complex scientific experiments, ranging from cloud-based data preprocessing pipelines to multi-facility instrument-to-edge-to-HPC computational workflows. Continuum and cross-facility workflows have become prominent in computational sciences. Continuum workflows represent analysis pipelines that require continuous computing access, while cross-facility workflows span multiple sites, encompassing experiments and computing facilities. Cross-facility workflows offer resiliency for real-time workflows and can be viewed as a solution for the needs of continuum workflows. It is also important to consider continuum and cross-facility computing from a data perspective, ensuring workflow systems can handle different representations and storage systems.

In the second edition of this BoF (Tuesday Nov 14, 2023, 12:15pm-1:15pm MT), we will convene to discuss challenges, opportunities, research directions, and future pathways for continuum and cross-facility workflows. The perspectives of scientists as users of workflow systems will also be included, with users providing insights into the challenges specific to their science domains. Topics for discussion will encompass coordination and cooperation among computing and experimental facilities, metadata tracking across different sites, co-design of experiment facilities, standardization of task descriptions, edge-to-cloud continuum and data exchange, adaptive compression techniques, and the definition of common terms, building blocks, and concepts in workflows.

This BoF will yield tangible outputs, including lightning talks, live-poll questions and responses, and a draft of an updated community roadmap. Participants will be encouraged to join the Workflows Community Initiative to facilitate networking and foster potential international collaborations beyond the conference.